Piping system FRP & Thermoplastic/FRP
Pure FRP (Glassfiber Reinforce Plastics) and Thermoplastic/FRP (PP/FRP, PVC/FRP, PE/FRP, PVDF/FRP and so on) are being used as alternative to steel, stainless steel and rubber line steel in many kind of application such as process piping, liquid waste piping, cooling water piping, slurry piping etc.

Plasticon Asia make pipes complies with international Standard.
Standard : DIN 16965 Part 1,2,4 ,5
Diameter : 25 – 1200 mm.
Pressure : PN 6, PN 10 and PN 16.
Temperature : up to 120 degree C.

Combination product Type
Plasticon Asia-FRP pipe and fittings are used for various applications.
At the design stage,Plasticon Asia has various parameters to find the proper
combination of product type and resin sort.

The three most important are:
Design Pressure
Design Temperature

Plasticon Asia-FRP product types
Part 1 - Type A max. 1.0 mm corrosion barrier (Cross filament -wound )
Part 2 - Type B 3.0-5.0 mm Thermoplastics corrosion (Axial /hoop filament - wound )
Part 4 - Type D max. 2.5 mm corrosion barrier (Axial /hoop filament -wound )
Part 5 - Type E min. 1.0 mm corrosion barrier (High resin ratio in structure) (Hand lay-up laminate)

Type of thermoplastic for Piping system




( max. 60 C)




( max. 60-70 C)




( max. 90 C)



Polyvinylidene Fluoride

( max. 100 C)




( max. 110 C)


Wall construction Plasticon Asia-FRP materials
The wall construction of the FRP materials can be divided in to a liner, a reinforcement laminate and a top layer.
The liner gives the inner side of FRP product its optimal chemical resistance to the most aggressive liquids and gases. It consists of a layer of pure resin followed by high quality gelcoat glass veils and chopped strand glass matts, all fully impregnated with resin. The thickness of the liner varies from 2.5 to 5.0 depend on the product type.
The reinforcement laminate provides to high mechanical strength and rigidity. The construction of the laminated, consisting of combination of glass rovings, woven glass rovings and/or chopped strand glass mat all fully impregnated with resin, depends on the kind of product.
The top layer, consisting of a surface veil impregnated with resin protects Plasticon Asia-FRP products against all types of weather conditions, penetration of chemicals and UV-radiation. This top layer gives the product furthermore a smooth surface and can be delivered in any color.

Joining materials for FRP pipes and fitting
Plasticon Asia uses several joining methods, that are based on installation conditions and the application of FRP pipe systems.
The butt - joint, executed with a glassfiber laminated, is standard for type-D and type-E products in the entire Plasticon Asia diameter range.
The butt - joint is highly resistant to chemicalsand can be made seamless.
If desired by the client, Plasticon Asia can deliver installation instructions for laminated joints.Flange joints are recommended when easy assembling and disassembling of pipes and fitting is preferable or necessary. Flanged joints are suitable for connecting FRP pipeline with machines, pipe component and conventional pipelines.

FRP-flanged joints are available in three different types:
Two fixed flanges
Two collars with loose flanges
A combination of a fixed flange and a collar with loose flange. The flanged joint is applicable on all product types and diameters with flange measurements according to DIN, ANSI and JIS.

Full range of accessories
Plasticon Asia pipes are easily joint together by laminated and flange connection method. To this end a complete range of bends, flange, T-pieces, adapter, reducer, etc. are available as will as special accessories whenever required. Our marketing team will be happy to supply you for information of the many possibilities .

Plasticon Asia make FRP-loose flange for many kind of application for chemical resistance environments.Plasticon Asia-FRP flanges can be applied in most application such as FRP pipeline, rubber line steel pipeline and etc. for corrosion resistance systems.

Connection : DIN, ANSI and JIS
Size : 25-600 mm.
Pressure : according to DIN 2501 PN 16
FRP flange are used as an alternative to steel, stainless steel, PVC

Advantage for FRP flange
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Long life time
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Storage tanks
Plasticon Asia are specialist in Pure FRP and Thermoplastic/FRP lining storage tanks technology for corrosive chemicals and food industries . This storage tanks can be designed to withstand temperatures that range from -30 degrees C up to 120 degrees C. Shop fabricated tanks can be produced in diameters up to 4.5 m.

Type of thermoplastic for Storage tanks
- PE Polyethylene ( max. 60 C)
- PVC Polyvinylchloride ( max. 60-70 C)
- PP Polypropylene ( max. 90 C)
- PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride ( max. 100 C)
- E-CTFE Ethylene-Chlotrifluorethylene ( max. 110 C)
- FEP Fluor Ethylene Propylene ( max. 140 C)
- PFA Perfluor Alkoxy ( max. 180 C)


  • Chemical tanks
  • High Purity Chemical tanks
  • Water and wastewater tanks
  • Food Storage tanks
  • Salt Saturator tanks
  • Brewery tanks
  • Fuel storage tanks