PLASTICON ASIA CO., LTD. (PA) was organized from a joint venture
of a Thai business group of polymer field with a Dutch expert in FRP
(or GRP) ( Plasticon Europe ) who has acquired and experienced the most advance technology of this field for over decades. Our expert has been in top executive of FRP related companies for years, total more than 25 associates and subsidiaries scattered all over Europe such as; Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Holland, Poland, Sweden, and so on.
Certainly, Plasticon Asia is the most advance and expert in ASEAN region in FRP products such as; tanks, pipes, fittings, scrubbers, vessels, stacks, apparatus and so on. We also experience some high technology of FRP like; lining with thermoplastic, mixture of high corrosion resistance, high pressure withstanding (up to 16 bars in our pipes).
Our finished GRP tanks are fully inspected and tested with spark testing device to ensure best quality joint, without defects.

We are certified by ISO 9001 which is guaranteed our top quality standards. We strictly pursue international production standards of DIN, ANSI, BS 4994, BS 4664 and etc. These standards are fully verified by our systematic production control sheets, available for our client’s on site inspection.

Not only our high quality product supplying, we also provide:
Design services with computerized engineering
On site services with supervision, fabrication and installation.

The boundless applications of FRP
- Industrial cooling water
- Demineralization water
- Sewerage
- Acid/Alkaline process
- Chemical process
- Sea water
- Flue gas desulphurization
- Limestone and gypsum slurries
- Waste water treatment
- Brines solution